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Kansas City Landscape Lighting Design

Good design is the first step in creating a landscape lighting system that will be beautiful, energy efficient and durable long into the future. The technical logistics of a well-engineered system are crucial, but the inspiration behind your custom landscape lighting design and the scene it creates is an art. As our extensive training and our many awards can attest to, we have an eye for landscape lighting design.

Our Design Process

Our design process begins with a conceptual design phase in which the client communicates their needs to the lighting designer during the initial interview and site visit.  A multitude of considerations are taken into account including the style and priorities of the client, the unique characteristics of the space and its intended use.  Is the client's main concern to provide safety, security, functionality of outdoor entertainment areas, highlight architectural details or a combination of all of these?  Do they want the longevity and energy efficiency of an LED system?  The site is then measured and a base plan drawn. 

From there we move into the design development phase.  In this phase specific fixtures, lamps, wattages, beam spreads and placement of wire and fixtures are chosen in order to achieve the desired effects.  Our outdoor lighting specialists include the technical considerations like voltage drop to ensure that the system will be both beautiful and functional for years to come. Our designs are thoughtful and comprehensive taking into account both aesthetics and functionality.  We consider factors like giving your property depth by adding fill light and making sure that all light sources are well hidden to prevent any glare for you or your neighbors. The goal is to create a scene that if soft and subtle, warm and inviting, in your Kansas City home. 

Finally, a computer generated design is created with the project specifications.  The project cost is calculated and presented to the client along with the residential lighting design proposal.At this time the client may give input as to any adjustments they may want to see in the plan and it will be further refined to accommodate those needs.  At the completion of the project the client will receive a copy of the design and wiring diagram to keep as a reference for any future work they may have done on the property.  Our outdoor lighting systems are also designed with the proper infrastructure so they can be easily added on to in the future or completed in phases.

For all professional landscape lighting design needs, please contact Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design at 816-407-1300.