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Kansas City Landscape Lighting Installation

No matter how beautiful, your landscape lighting system is only as good as its installation.  You may have a beautiful backyard lighting design but if it is installed improperly it will not function correctly and can be a maintenance headache in the future. 

Why Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design is Different? 

Unlike some landscape or irrigation companies that add on landscape lighting as another service they provide, lighting is all we do.  The technicians at Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design are trained exclusively in low voltage custom landscape lighting installation.   They are skilled and meticulous in their adherence to the highest industry standards. 

We use only commercial grade equipment with 10 year factory warranties.  Rather than using the less expensive plastic wire nuts that other companies use for wire connections, we use a brass coupling connector that is covered with a rubber, water tight shrink wrap tube.  This achieves the effect of creating a new wire.  It may cost a little more initially but prevents shorts in wire connections down the road. 

Our outdoor lighting specialists are skilled at hiding architectural wiring so that the client never even notices it.  And our team of courteous and conscientious craftsmen will leave your property as clean and tidy as they found it after installation is complete.  The pride and experience that goes into each Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design installation is unmatched.  Our clients will tell you that we are one of the most trusted businesses in Kansas City. 

For all professional landscape lighting installation needs in Kansas city, please contact Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design at 816-407-1300.