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Kansas City Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Even the most professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting will require occasional maintenance in order to protect your initial investment.   While new energy efficient LED lamps have an amazingly long life, they will still eventually need to be replaced.  The wear and tear of the elements can also cause eventual residential lighting maintenance issues.   Frost heave may cause wire to float to the surface or for fixtures to need realignment.   Lightning strikes can blow out a transformer and fixtures need to be cleaned at regular intervals in order to maintain the original integrity of the system.   Regular maintenance can also identify warranty issues that may cause problems down the road if not addressed in a timely manner. 

Our Maintenance Services

Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design offers a maintenance contract that provides regularly scheduled maintenance visits for your lighting system at a predetermined cost so there are no surprises.  The homeowner doesn't have to worry about replacing burned out lamps with the correct new ones.   Our detailed documentation helps us maintain the integrity of the original design without the homeowner having to worry about it.   And any maintenance issues that arise between regular visits are taken care of with no additional fees.

Our custom landscape lighting company also provide maintenance of lighting systems on an on call basis for those who are not interested in a maintenance contract. Whether it is a custom landscape lighting system we installed or an existing one, regular maintenance visits will keep your system functioning at its peak so your enjoyment of it never dims.

For all professional landscape lighting maintenance needs in Kansas City, please contact Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design at 816-407-1300.