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Kansas City Landscape Lighting Repair

Unfortunately, outdoor lighting systems occasionally require repair.   Things happen.   Overly zealous mowers may run over a fixture.  A new landscape project may come with the unwanted consequence of a cut wire.   Or more often, existing systems that were not properly installed in the first place or have poor quality equipment need repair.  

Our Repair Services

Our 14 years in the field have given us the experience and know how to diagnose and repair most systems.  We are Kansas City's experts in landscape lighting repair.  We typically have repair parts needed in stock, even for systems that weren't installed by us.

Sometimes a system may be too far gone to make repair worthwhile.   In this situation our technicians will be upfront and make the appropriate recommendations rather than have the homeowner spend money needlessly. In most cases, though, our timely and professional repair technicians can have your system up and operating at its peak performance and at a reasonable cost.   Don't hesitate to call the experts in low voltage lighting repair at Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design for all your repair needs

For all professional landscape lighting repairs, please contact Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design at 816-407-1300.